Mariah Carey says “I Don’t” and Let’s It Burn

Have you ever been mad enough at a latex outfit (our yourself) that you have torn that outfit when taking it off? Or maybe the clothes reminded you of some missed date or even an ex-lover so much that you felt compelled to burn it?

The ripping might happen by accident, surely. Burning? Probably not.

But you don’t live in the world of video-rendered fantasy; Mariah Carey does. In her music video for her new song, “I Don’t,” not only do we see the lady in some latex (and lots of her body actually) but Mariah also burns her custom made wedding dress at the end of the video (see here).

A well-known celebrity break-up story by now, Mariah canceled her wedding to James Packer just recently. In “I Don’t,” she pretty much soft raps a cautionary tale about the break-up and how she is saying “I don’t” as opposed to “I do.” Ceremonially dropping her $250,000 Valentino wedding dress into a fire pit seems like the ultimate act of purging, but listening to the song, watching Mariah’s face, seeing and hearing her duet with the song’s guest star, rapper YG (an obvious stand-in for Packer?) one wonders how much hurt she still bears.

But the lady counters it well. She cavorts in a Rolls Royce in the song, she also sports sexy couture. Besides that infamous wedding dress we see Mariah in her signature busting-out bodysuit (a silky white in the video) a black latex open jacket over latex push-up bra and panties and a bright red unitard with copious cut outs for the sides of her thighs and a well-exposed front.

We don’t recommend Dawnamatrix customers throw one of our latex wedding gowns into a fire pit, but Mariah can pretty much do what she wants and still come through it as the diva she has always been.

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