Trending Wedding Couture

Trending Wedding Couture

Granted the ‘typical’ June wedding is months away and here at Dawnamatrix our latex wedding gowns are not an item flying out the door everyday. But with March 1st now officially delineated as National Wedding Planning Day and Lyst (tracking over 10 million searches from 70 million brides in 2017) and Etsy (their expert Dayna Isom Johnson making the startling, and it seems the correct prediction that jumpsuits would be the newest wedding trend) releasing their wedding fashion trends for the year, we thought it might be time to weigh in about wedding couture and nuptial wardrobe for 2018.

Certainly brides will always be ‘trending’ towards the color white, but according to the ‘experts’ above and even what we have seen on occasion, color is being considered more than ever before in weddings dress choices. As we have plenty of experience and connection to lovely lush colorful latex, wedding dresses of color is a trend we’d welcome for sure. There’s even been a trend lately in black wedding dresses.

There has also as much been a trend in flesh baring, as well as brides wanting silhouettes in their gowns. Dresses with high necks and long sleeves are in vogue, as much as those with open backs and slits in the skirt.

In the end it seems Lyst, Etsy and what we have most discovered, is that the bride will pay a little more for this gown on her most special day. Surely, she might be influenced by trends above and when a royal wedding happens or is evident (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle two of our most recent influencers) brides-to-be might get some ideas. But from bespoke latex gowns to the ones a woman looks for right off the rack, blushed maybe with some color, or low cut top, there is lots happening in the haute couture wedding gown world…and whatever is trending we try to keep right on top of it all, see here.

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