Kendall + Kylie Do It Again ?

In trouble again, (and not even from wearing any latex couture), Kendall and Kylie Jenner are seemingly being sued over copyright infringement. According to T.M.Z., design company Klauber Brothers, Inc. claims that there is a Kylie thong panty currently being sold that uses one of Klauber Brother’s lace patterns on its waistband. There is also …


The Continuing Misappropriations of Kendall + Kylie

Kendall + Kylie are at it again…and they’re not even wearing some shocking latex outfit to court controversy! Most recently it was the sisters’ company being called out for using Tupac, Biggie and Redman images without permission. Now photographer Al Pereira has filed a new lawsuit against Kendall Jenner, Inc. for ‘appropriating’ those images he …


The Jenner T-Shirt Faux Pass

From their Kendall + Kylie clothing collection, the famous Jenner sisters attempted to release what they were calling “vintage” music t-shirts this week. The ladies took to superimposing their K&K logo or their faces (and in some cases, bikini shots) over classic album cover art and music star images. Using pictures from The Notorious B.I.G., Metallica, Led Zeppelin and many more, the sisters received a huge backlash this week when they revealed their latest attempt at hip haute couture across Instagram.