The Amazing World-Wide Phenomena Of Reese Witherspoon’s Disappearing Leg

It seems the latest issue of Vanity Fair has fashionistas, fans and eagle-eyed spotters truly excited. The cover of the magazine’s 2018 Hollywood issue features a group of big time movie-dom movers and shakers. Harrison Ford, Gal Gadot, Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, to name just a few, are posed with Reese Witherspoon cuddling up next to Oprah Winfrey…and there-in lies the trouble. By optical illusion that quite often happens in even the most elite haute couture photography, and this picture was shot by Annie Leibowitz’s now less, it seems that Reese Witherspoon sports three legs visible through the slit in her gown

Blade Runner 2049 Kills at CinemaCon 2017

Sand, ‘duster’ coats, scary music, dystopian cities teaming with rain, Harrison Ford and maybe the hope to see some latex costumes: Blade Runner returns. The brand new trailer for Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to the 1982 film, is as much making the rounds online presently (see here), as it made fans scream at Cinemacon …


The New The Force Awakens Poster: No Luke…But Look At Those Costumes!

Main characters new and old are featured on the poster, but Luke Skywalker’s absence on the artwork has been fodder for ripe net rumor (and Mark Hamill, along with Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are indeed returning for The Force Awakens as their characters Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia respectively). And though Skywalker/Hamill’s omission in the new poster art has fueled plenty of fan worry and debate (and maybe it is all a clever ploy by the studio to create all the chatter) if one were to study the poster even in passing, one would realize that once again, fetish costume fans and movie fashionistas have lots to celebrate.

Comic-Con 2015: Latex, Ben Affleck and a Stormtropper Walking The California Coast For Charity

There was also a heart-warming costume story that broke the beginning of the week of a Minnesota Man walking over 600 miles to attend Comic-Con 2015, dressed as a Stormtrooper. Kevin Doyle and his wife Eileen were fans of Star Wars and took to dressing-up together in costumes from the film (they actually met because they were both members the movie franchise’s costume organization, the 501st legion. From The Star Wars museum in Petaluma, Doyle began walking the California coast to honor his wife who died of pancreatic cancer in 2012. The near 60 year old man is hoping the trek will get him back to his photographing and illustrating and raise money for a children’s charity he launched in Eileen’s name,