Comic-Con 2015: Latex, Ben Affleck and a Stormtropper Walking The California Coast For Charity

Comic-Con 2015: Latex, Ben Affleck and a Stormtropper Walking The California Coast For Charity

comic-con-san-diego-atmosphereYes, it is that time of year again…no, not for another latex clothing fashion show, but for the ‘fashion show’ that is Comic-Con International: San Diego.

The four day meet-up (and preview night on Wednesday) beginning this past Thursday and running until tomorrow marks the 46th year of a show that began very simply in 1970 as the Golden State Comic Book Convention. Today, Comic-Con International: San Diego presently enjoys the distinction of being the U.S.’s longest continuously running comics and “popular arts” convention. And though Hollywood descended with the likes of Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and so many other T.V., comic, movie and gaming stars, as always what leaked across the blog o’sphere and is most on our minds (and we know yours) is the cosplay.

From the ubiquitous always sexy turn-out of copious “Slave” Princess Leia, to plenty of Wonder Woman salivating over the prospect of the Amazon super hero’s own movie coming soon, to quite a bit of gender swapping (or this year people more apt to notice a female Bilbo Baggins?) there were plenty of men and women sporting spandex, PVC, leather and latex. As even the most amateur of cosplayers will attest, the creating of one’s costume (with accessories like out Dawnamatrix long cape or dragon fin collar?) is as much fun as wearing it.

There was also a heart-warming costume story that broke the beginning of the week of a Minnesota Man walking over 600 miles to attend Comic-Con 2015, dressed as a Stormtrooper. Kevin Doyle and his wife Eileen were fans of Star Wars and took to dressing-up together in costumes from the film (they actually met because they were both members the movie franchise’s costume organization, The 501st Legion). From The Star Wars museum in Petaluma, Doyle began walking the California coast to honor his wife who died of pancreatic cancer in 2012. The near 60 year old man is hoping the trek will get him back to his photographing and illustrating and raise money for a children’s charity he launched in Eileen’s name.CJT5gncVAAEcCuy

And who says all this dressing-up is just ego wish fulfillment or wanting to see how one’s butt looks in latex once a year?

Ah, Comic-Con 2015.

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