A Latex Harness Is All A Girl (or Guy) Needs

RedHarness2There’s certainly no denying the wild styles and alternative wardrobes of the Mad Max film franchise; latex clothing, leather boots, mouth cages, just about anything a fetish fashionista could want has made its presence known in those films. With the recent Mad Max: Fury Road hitting the screen we were especially inspired and seeing as latex harnesses are the ‘in’ fashion item presently, we thought a good harness photo shoot was due.

Here David Rocha of Shogun Photography in Death Valley catches the sultry Elegy Ellem, a Swedish alternative model known for her arresting body art, voluptuous figure, and classic beauty. Elegy is modeling the Dawnamatrix Ring Harness a sexy couture accessory we find popular with women for wear either as is-as Elegy shows us-or layered under any number of other Dawnamatrix wardrobe pieces.

Even though her bald head is pretty much exposed for the incredible action sequences in the new Mad Max movie, Charlize Theron would probably not expose herself to the dusty hot elements wearing our Ring Harness like Elegy does. But just a harness and a pair of latex panties could serve one well for any number of outings, or even a private party. The harness is one of these perfect pieces really, like various lingerie a lady (or man) can as much fit ‘over’ clothes as well as under with the effect, visually as well as tactually, so unique …and oh-so-sexy. Tight thin latex bands hug bare skin, while sweat beads just enough for…well, you get the picture!

Who knows what the ‘it’ fashion item will be next month, next week or even tomorrow. God knows we are sure to see some leather/pvc and latex cosplay finery come from San Diego’s Comic-Con this weekend that might point us in a new alt. fashion direction. But for now we can certainly report the latex harness is all the rage and we are proud to see Elegy Ellem wearing the Dawnamatrix Ring Harness and we thank David Rocha for showing her doing so beautifully.RedHarness1

Links: https://www.elegyellem.se/ , https://www.facebook.com/david.rocha.73 


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