Art Meso: LA GENÈSE NEW YORK This Weekend

t the show, but if you can get around to coming through and see the designs at the space at 1155 Avenue of Americas in NYC’s Times Square, we know you’ll just love this unique fashion exhibition.

Bieber, Jenner, Ruensumran & The Met

When it comes to the world of lace, leather, lingerie, and certainly latex stylings, we are forever on the hunt for interesting news.

The Ever Popular Leopard Print Latex

As latex wearers as much as designers we want ever more captivating colors, luscious cuts and sexy styles and if and when we can manage them, certainly prints of outstanding quality and rendering across our latex. We seem to have hit on a very popular ‘trend’, something we certainly did not predict but are thrilled to exploit all the same, our Leopard Print Latex.

Fashion and The World Cup 2014

As much as we go on about fashion, modeling, latex clothing, summer super hero movies, Art in America and good old fetishes there is no ignoring The World Cup 2014. And if you think for a second that there isn’t a fair amount of reporting, critique and just downright amazement of what the players are wearing on the field as much as on how they are playing then you are simply ignoring how much fashion cuts a deep color swatch into modern day sports.