Fashion and The World Cup 2014

MexicoFans1_16x9_1600As much as we go on about fashion, modeling, latex clothing, summer super hero movies, Art in America and good old fetishes there is no ignoring The World Cup 2014. And if you think for a second that there isn’t a fair amount of reporting, critique and just downright amazement of what the players are wearing on the field as much as on how they are playing then you are simply ignoring how much fashion cuts a deep color swatch into modern day sports.

Brazil players like 22 year-old Neymar, looking all but like a model himself (he just posed on the cover of Vogue Brazil with Gisele Bundchen) will be sporting his country’s bright yellow jersey. Netherland’s players will be in a classic orange, but those wild comic-book styling looks of Mexico and Costa Rica really simply draw the eye. There’s no denying the appeal of this sport that takes the world by storm every four years or the all around drop-dead sexiness of guys like the afore mentioned Neymar, Germany’s Mats Hummels or Sergio Ramos of Spain (just to mention three of the many male stars every girl and gay man die to see win a goal so they will rip their shirt off!). But it is the outfits (ok the shorts as well as the tops) people are interested in as well.

It really is a ‘colorful’ sport in so many ways. To capture the fashions just the fans are wearing the sports site, Tigo Ghana Ltd. is welcoming pics on their

Looking at all the bright colors and wild styles of the teams we are reminded of our own commitment to bright colors mixed and matched in the outfits we render, our way with a subtle uniform design-as in our Uniform Shirt or when we see some of those outfits the fans are sporting (pictured at the top of this blog) we can’t help but think of accessories like our Leopard Hood.

The 2014 World Cup tournament opened Thursday.

2014 world-cup-logo

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