Art In America: Julia Reidhead's ‘Starry Night’ Prom Dress

Julia Reidhead Vincent Starry Nigth Prom DressAs Dawnamatrix customers are well aware (or you might be learning if you are new to this blog or our site) we are a company that thrives on made-to-order orders. We love any and all contact with our customers, the back-and-forth interplay of helping someone decide on a cut and color of whatever it is they are ordering from us, and certainly the intricacies of creating a one-of-a-kind couture piece. As you will see with both our custom catsuit and wedding gown (just two examples of our custom order possibilities) we can, and love to, add a few twists and turns to traditional designs as well as create pieces that would be uniquely yours through and through. Given our penchant for the custom order when the recent news about Julia Reidhead’s Vincent Van Gogh ‘Starry Night’ Prom Dress popped-up across the net we were tickled to say the least.

Julia is an 18 year-old high school senior who was simply not content with the prom dress possibilities presented her. With her mom the Arizona young woman purchased a “used” wedding dress (for the pricey sum of $40) and then actually painted upon that dress-painted mind you!-a recreation of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. She sketched in pencil first then tested her acrylic paints on a piece of the dress (yes Julia has painted on “stuff” before, shoes in fact, as she admitted to Yahoo’s Shine) so painting on material was a natural for her. Across a total of 40 hours in one week Julia, who is entering the graphic design program at Utah Valley University, managed such an artistic feat that her fellow students were soliciting her services to paint clothes for them when they saw her dress. She’s also been offered money for the dress she wore to the prom.

These kind of stories truly tickle us and speak to the creativeness of young people who take what could otherwise have turned out to be a stifling turn of events-not finding a prom dress to one’s liking-and creating something truly wonderful that lifts the spirit in the simple retelling of the tale. With so much negative news happening around us constantly and God knows with fashion taking its hits with the over “celebrity-fying” of the field, plus a daily barrage of Instagram pics of the see-and-be-seen most of us could do without, we really love Julie’s story and the spirit it champions.

Art in America at its finest, we say!


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