Terminatrix4 from Peter Czernich

In his new kickstarter campaign, Czernich is taking inspiration from his three decades, and his knowledge of past design to create a brand-new collection. 

Come See Prince’s Shoes

A new exhibit featuring Prince’s shoes opens July 9th at the musician’s infamous Paisley Park music/performance/living complex, a “place where art, music, fashion, and culture are celebrated, energized, and inspired by the visionary creative spirit of Prince.”

Lil Nas X Courts Controversey With Wigs and Satan

Lil Nas X has teased “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” online for months. It even appeared in a LogiTech Super Bowl ad this year and song’s title is a reference to the Oscar-winning gay romance Call Me By Your Name. Lil Naz X, who came out last year on the last day of Pride month, is undoubtedly declaring his pride over his sexuality in the many scenes here, from lap-dancing with the king of the underworld, to wearing haute couture, dreadlocks and some of the most scrumptious wigs a male rapper has dared wear yet in a video.

3 Quick Tips For Building Your Fantasy Wardrobe

Sure, we’d be the first to champion buying that https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/dresses/asymmetrical-ruffle-minidress-2/or one of our signature kimonos and jumping right into fantasy couture. But the reality of the situation is that one should take baby steps when changing or adding to one’s wardrobe with latex or any other alternative fashion pieces. Maybe you can start with a pair of latex pants, a shirt, or some lingerie (something only a few people might see.) Start simple for your first salvo across the bow of your fantasy wardrobee