3 Quick Tips For Building Your Fantasy Wardrobe

63358dcf77044bb7751128a0d93de3a1Surely we speak to the converted (or perverted, take your pick at what word best describes you) when we opine over latex, fetish and fantasy dress-up. But we need consider those men and women not yet seasoned in the wearing of latex, the budding fetish fashionista who might be considering 2015 as the year they ‘come out’, the couple who might want to start attending those events we all love so well, or just the single guy or girl who wants to finally give a corset a try or has been fascinated by Steampunk but never has had the guts to venture into a wardrobe choice for themselves.

For those of you traipsing beyond your usual wardrobe choices to the alternate or sexy sublime in 2015, here are three quick tips for building a fantasy wardrobe.

Start Simple

Sure, we’d be the first to champion buying that https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/dresses/asymmetrical-ruffle-minidress-2/or one of our signature kimonos and jumping right into fantasy couture. But the reality of the situation is that one should take baby steps when changing or adding to one’s wardrobe with latex or any other alternative fashion pieces. Maybe you can start with a pair of latex pants, a shirt, or some lingerie (something only a few people might see.) Start simple for your first salvo across the bow of your fantasy wardrobe.

Try Try Again

Not every outfit, or even alt. accessory is going to ‘fit’ you. As with so much of life, we often coddle great grand fantasies of something only to have the cold light of reality render that fantasy less then attractive. You can easily have it in your mind that your fantastic little shape will be well appointed in a catsuit, or you might have a fantasy for a latex hood. But get either on in real time, you might find your choices uncomfortable at best, off-putting at worst. So try again. There’s bound to be lots of things you’ll like in the full range of fantasy dressing-up, it’s just a matter of being willing to try try again.

Let Go Misconceptions

When giving over yourself over to a new fantasy wardrobe you need not be so ruled by past considerations of self or society. This is a new area for you. You might indeed be showing a little more skin (or at least more of your curves.) You might be hitting clubs, weekend events, simply being more social then before. Hell, your circle of friends might increase or lessen; maybe the MAC counter will become your new destination at the mall. Whatever comes your way because of your wardrobe change, embrace it and don’t be so stuck to stay where you were or thought you need stay.Asymetrical_Gown_over

Of course Dawnamatrix is ready to guide you through your first few steps into a wardrobe make-over, as much as we are for our friends looking to add yet another fantastic latex outfit to their collection. Let’s all jump into 2015 ready for a grand dress-up adventure.



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