Post Holiday Festive Latex?

StraightLegTrousersMain1-368x552Have you survived the eight days? Did you manage to get through the nog and the cookies? Gearing up for Kwanzaa? Did you happen to catch The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies or Take Five? Tuckered out from all the visiting and gift exchanging? Did you steel your courage and actually venture to the mall? Surely, the last thing you might be thinking about right now is squeezing yourself into our or a pair of ,but that festive feeling swirling around you still should always be present in your latex wardrobe choices.

God knows, your latex couture should be your most fanciful couture.

We wear what we do for events, for the boudoir, for running to the store; the reason for your dressing-up can be many. But a girl (and a guy) should never be without a little bling in their outfit choices…even when those outfits are made from latex. Take a gander over our textured line; look at the wings we have fluttering through our Space & Time collection; consider a kimono sleeve or two; fantasy dress-up is about exploring the fantasies you coddle.SakuKimonoSleevesMain1-366x552

This was why latex was born after all, to keep us in our fine high fashion festive frocks all year round…so rock those fashions well past post holidays, we say!

Making or breaking New Year’s resolutions (God knows you can’t break them unless you make them), adding-on or trying to take off the pounds you gave yourself for the holidays (which, for so many of us, turn out to be holi-dazes), keeping to those rekindled relationships we restarted during the holidays or finally breaking free of friends who we no longer want to see in 2015. Whatever comes of your post holidays, know that Dawnamtarix is here to supply you with your latex needs, and will be into 2015 and beyond.



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