Breaking News: Fake Superhero Dressed in Dawnamatrix Dragon Queen Bodysuit Walks Through Comic Con!

It seems the phrase ‘It doesn’t matter’ (in a good way) rules the day when dressing in a latex Dragon Queen Bodysuit at Comic Con. Buzzfeed’s Associate Creative Producer Mandy Caruso contacted us to create a custom version of our Dragon Queen Bodysuit, along with thigh highs and gloves for a Comic Con piece they were preparing….and we were honored to do just that. But Mandy created her own ‘fake’ superhero and nobody much cared, they loved her look anyway!

Fox’s Rocky Horror Reboot

The Fox film opens as a movie inside a movie, with an audience reacting to all the Rocky tropes watching the The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This time around the cast includes Victoria Justice, Ryan McCartan, Reeve Carney, Christina Milian, Annaleigh Ashford, Staz Nair, Adam Lambert, and Ben Vereen joining Cox and Curry. Wild cinema wardrobe seems to include metal studded black leather jackets, red corsets and speedos, so we might very well be on the right track for this remake (original Rocky duds have populated many a museum exhibit) become Rock impresario Lou Adler, produce of the original film as well as responsible for bringing the original U.K stage show to L.A., is coproducing this time around, with Kenny Ortega choreographing and directing. The men claim they will be staying true to Richard O’Brien and Jim Sharman’s original songs and script.

Celebs In Costume At Comic-Con

There was Daniel Radcliffe dressed as Spider-Man, not hiding from Voldemort but more from fans. Peter Jackson was a scary black-and-white jester (he posted some Facebook pics of himself following someone wearing “The Hobbit” T-shirt) and Jack Black went as a storm trooper claiming he simply wanted to be left alone to buy action figures. Game of Thrones Maisie Williams sported a Guy Fawkes mask on the floor then later at a party wore a Ryan Jude Novelline dress made of graphic novel pages. She’s worn this dress before, but it was no less impressive her second time out.