Breaking News: Fake Superhero Dressed in Dawnamatrix Dragon Queen Bodysuit Walks Through Comic Con!

sub-buzz-rules-2[1] (2)It seems the phrase ‘It doesn’t matter’ (in a good way) rules the day when dressing in a latex Dragon Queen Bodysuit at Comic Con. Buzzfeed’s Associate Creative Producer Mandy Caruso contacted us to create a custom version of our Dragon Queen Bodysuit, along with thigh highs and gloves for a Comic Con piece BF was preparing….and we were honored to do just that. But Mandy created her own ‘fake’ superhero and nobody much cared, everybody seemed to just love her look even though she basically went as a ‘fake’ superhero.

Mandy’s yearly tromp through the infamous San Diego convention as much “resurrects” her fashion degree as gives her the chance to enact her super heroine mojo. Usually the lady is dressing as an iconic character, in instantly recognizable fantastical cinema wardrobe pieces, but this year her mission was to create a character whole cloth, someone who doesn’t exist (other than in Mandy’s mind) to see what reaction she could stir from the Comic Con attendees.

Mandy set out to create what she calls a “legit villainous persona complete with a backstory, awesome superpowers and abilities, a cheesy civilian name, and the pertinent deets of her actual comic and world.” She called her creation Head Cannon and called us in.sub-buzz-rules-2[1] (1)

As she reports about latex (and we agree) “…it instantly reads comic book (or “BDSM” — either is chill), but as a fabric, it breathes as well as Batman’s parents. I almost never consider my own physical comfort when I put together a cosplay costume, and Head Cannon was no exception. But while I could definitely tough through hours in the heat on eight-inch spiked heels in what is essentially a spiked body condom, the biggest source of my unease was actually the possibility that literally no one would care to interact with me.”

But people did interact. In fact, nobody much cared that Mandy’s character was made up. People took pictures, stopped to talk to her, in all ways were as social as ever, even though they had never heard of Head Cannon. Other than the heat of latex what Wendy seemed to have realized most was that: “No matter what you cosplay, the most important aspect is making sure you feel awesome in it. “

We are thrilled to have been part of Mandy’s experiment. See Mandy’s full report here:


Photographer: Dan Dealy

Writer/Model: Mandy Caruso