The Yummy Gummy Sheet Latex Sale 2016

Yummy GummyMaking great latex clothing is as much the result of the designer’s skills in creating a garment, as it is the quality of the latex used. For a while now we have been acquiring our sheet latex from the U.K.-based supplier Yummy Gummy, and that company, with Rebecca Allsop at the helm, is presently presenting their Sheet Latex Sale 2016.

On the label’s Facebook page you can see all the details (as well as all the samples) in these unprecedented deals, created and offered by Rebecca with her promise that buyers will enjoy “more discounts the more you buy.” The luscious latex that Rebecca supplies is textile art at its very best, and her wares really do make our designing so much easier, helping us to create the very best haute couture and giving our customers that much more to choose from when they are looking across our wardrobe offerings or asking us to create custom made pieces.

Yummy Gummy uses “high-quality medical grade liquid latex and cosmetic safe FDA approved colorful pigments.” They produce holographic, pearlescent, painted iridescent, coloring-changing, metallic, animal and rainbow latex, to name just a few of their styles. And none of their sheet late is printed, it is all hand poured.

Ironically, the latest big news of U.K. Brexit referendum seems to be truly benefitting overseas buyers. Prices are reduced in general across all U.K. retail products with the current weakness of the pound and if there was ever a time to buy some latex from a U.K. alternative wardrobe house (or go grab English goods in general) this might just be the very best opportunity to order up some Yummy Gummy sheet latex and have Dawnamatrix make you up a catsuit or some other sexy accessory.

Go to the Yummy Gummy Latex Sale Facebook page mentioned above or here to their site:


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