Stepping Out and Making Statements: Cher & Chris Hemsworth

Not that any everyday guy or gal would know this, but I guess we could assume by all we have seen of the yearly movie extravaganza, that there is a dress code celebrities keep to when walking the red carpet at Cannes. Just this week, actor Chris Hemsworth violated that ‘code’ when he appeared at the movie festival for his new movie Furiosa: A Mad …


2018 Latex Predictions-Part 2

Then too we have to assume that our best and brightest celebrities, whether they be musicians, models or reality stars, will continue to push their own level of branding as well as stepping-out style. And there too we will see innovations, as we will stutter steps, as truly marvelous wardrobes rise like cream to the top of our cultural coffee brew. How much of this couture will be made of latex?

Can Cher Really Turn Back Time?

Changing through 8 different looks, some of which show quite a bit of her, Cher gives any of us latex clothing wearers and alt. wardrobe lovers a sure challenge with her Classic Cher show currently running in Las Vegas. By recent Twitter compliments the 71-year old diva is as much making great song selections from her famous career as she is wild costume design choices.

Turning Back Time And Believing in Cher

And here we have been going on about making Katy Perry latex for her latest video, “Bon Appetit” (of which we are infinitely proud). But did you catch Cher at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards this Sunday past? Katy P., Rihanna, all our reigning pop divas would have to give a nod to Cher, who …