Can Cher Really Turn Back Time?

Changing through 8 different looks, some of which show quite a bit of her, Cher gives any of us latex clothing wearers and alt. wardrobe lovers a sure challenge with her Classic Cher show currently running in Las Vegas. By recent Twitter compliments the 71-year old diva is as much making great song selections from her famous career as she is wild costume design choices.

Back in May Cher surprised the music community performing at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards…also, in Las Vegas. The costumes the ‘Goddess of Pop’  wore for her two-songs, as much the songs themselves, garnered plenty of press. Wearing white lace and fringe that covered her glittery pasties and also sporting her iconic sheer-and-lace back one-piece, first seen in her 1989 “If I Could Turn Back Time” video, the blog o’sphere was buzzing the next day about Cher’s fantastically fit body. Good Housekeeping even issued this What Cher Actually Eats in a Day to Stay So Unbelievable Fit article that day after.

It’s no surprise that Cher is still ‘bringing it’ this many years later. Firstly, stepping on a Las Vegas stage she is competing with much younger and current Vegas divas like Britney Spears (who sports an amazing array of costume changes in her own show). And with no new music released now for nearly four years Cher isn’t out promoting a new album. But Cher’s residency at the Park Theatre at the Monte Carlo has been extended into May of 2018 and Twitter has been alive even just this week with how great she sounds…and looks.

The songs in Cher’s current show include “If I Could Turn Back Time,” “Believe” and “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.” The costumes she manages in an out of; a head-to-floor furry headdress (and the requisite long sexy breechcloth),  big ‘afro’ wigs, a striped one piece of ribbon design and that pretty much ultimate stage fetish clothing design see-thru piece from “If I Could Turn Back Time.”

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