Top Alternative Fashion Moments of 2021

We could undoubtedly traipse back across the past decade and highlight some mainstream latex couture moments, expound on the more interesting alternative wardrobe scenes, opine on celebrity sightings of singular sartorial styling that ‘broke the net.’ But considering the hellacious year we all just lived through, seeing runaway shows going digital and masks become a …


2020 Halloween costumes choices

While people debate the “Are You?” “Are You Not?” question of attending socially-distanced parties, or letting their kids trick-or-treat, we found a bunch of websites (see here, and here) showcasing trending costumes, as well as we’ll throw our point hat into the ring to predict 2020 Halloween costume choices.

Dissecting The Sexy Fashions, Lyric and Look Of Cardi B’s “WAP”

As mentioned in our last blog, we will explore all the latex couture, candy-colored bodysuits, animal prints, bouncing décolleté, golden sculptures of butts and breasts, and guest stars in Cardi B’s new video for her song “WAP.” The Colin Tilley-directed clip opens with the camera taking us through a gate and past naked female ‘fountains’ …