2020 Halloween costumes choices

With a spate of superhero movie releases being pushed back, the pandemic most likely changing the landscape on the end-of-the-month candy hoarding, and men and women considering just what of their latex, lace, and lingerie they might pluck forth once again, who knows what this October 31st, is going to look like. While people debate the “Are You?” “Are You Not?” question of attending socially-distanced parties, or letting their kids trick-or-treat, we found a bunch of websites (see here, and here) showcasing trending costumes, as well as we’ll throw our point hat into the ring to predict 2020 Halloween costume choices.

Noting the influence of Netflix, HBO, HULU as much as network T.V. one could as much see trick-or-treaters dressing as Sister Knight or Doctor Manhattan from “Watchmen” or a Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin, stars of the Netflix docuseries “Tiger King.” And as it already relies fully on costumes and masks, one is sure to see plenty of people dressing like any of the number of contestants from The Masked Singer.

Supposedly there will be plenty of folks mix and matching their wardrobes to fashion homemade historical recreations from the ultimate historical recreation, Hamilton. And on the silly side of things, we are sure to catch a few revelers dressed as either a “Popeye Chicken Sandwich,” or Snapchat filter. Both of these costumes are already hanging on the virtual racks of costume websites.

From classic fantasy fair, be sure to look down for plenty of kids dressed as Baby Yoda this year and also Black Panther, this last as a tribute to newly departed Chadwick Boseman. And there are sure to be plenty of people dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as well.

“Sexy” pirates and witches are always a go-to, as are ghosts, ninjas, and any number of classic superheroes like Superman or Batman. 2020’s Halloween is sure to follow some of the old tropes we are used to, but will also bring a few new ones, as Halloween, socially-distanced or not, always surprises us all.

Have a happy and safe Halloween. 

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