Regencycore And Praising The Latex Corset

Indeed, the costumers, actors, and those cosplayers playing with Regencycore are not likely to pick a latex corset if they are looking for a true historical read on their sartorial choices.

Gossip Girl, Latex Coming?

n fact, the new Gossip Girl hosted a fashion show in New York City last night in collaboration with Monse, the designer debuting their Fall 2021 collection. The fashion show, ‘livestreamed’ on YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok began with a short documentary exploring the designer’s inspiration behind their collection and how it works into the new Gossip Girl.

Top Alternative Fashion Moments of 2021

We could undoubtedly traipse back across the past decade and highlight some mainstream latex couture moments, expound on the more interesting alternative wardrobe scenes, opine on celebrity sightings of singular sartorial styling that ‘broke the net.’ But considering the hellacious year we all just lived through, seeing runaway shows going digital and masks become a …