2019 To WOW Us All

At the end of the year most of us come into a reflective mood, as reflective as a beGloss-lubed latex catsuit. Looking to 2019, one can’t help but consider 2018, and in the mix and match-up of what passed in a seeming blur of 12 months, Dawnamatrix has enjoyed another fantastic year. We spread our …


“Spacesuits and slippers, Oh My!”

Though neither are made of latex, two pieces of iconic couture made the news early this week, both ‘from out of this world’: Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit and a pair of ruby red slippers from the film, The Wizard Of Oz.

Dawnamatrix, Paul Allan & Celina Greinke shoot for Snow Winters Designs and Annxannxdesign

Once again we were honored to showcase our latex couture on a stunning model, through the lenses of an expert fashion photographer. This time the images from our recent shoot with Paul Allan photographing model Celina Greinke were executed as a promo shoot for jewelry designs collaborations with two very talented alternative accessory makers, Snow Winters of Snow Winters Designs and Han-Yin Hsu of Annxannxdesign.

BeGLOSS For You, Your Latex and A Shiny Good Time

From something as simple yet necessary as a polishing cloth to a hygienically safe easy glide dressing gel Dawnamatrix presents the full range of your latex and skin care needs with BeGLOSS. Imported from Germany, formulated specifically for high-end latex garments, the BeGLOSS line is high-grade professional quality care items, the very best for keeping your outfits in top shape and your skin, supple and ready when you come to wiggle and writhe yourself into something for the night out. And not only does the BeGLOSS line take care of you and your latex, it will also add life and shine to any fetish clothing, from vinyl, faux & real leather.