BeGLOSS For You, Your Latex and A Shiny Good Time

As much as we take care in how to choose and fit into our latex clothing we need to take care of that latex…and ourselves when getting into it. We all know how easily you can get yourself snagged passing by someone in a closed space at an event. Or how many times have you come back from a night-out-on-the-town, simply too exhausted to do much else then peel your catsuit off, towel down and collapse into bed, forgetting the fact that yes, maybe the time has come to give your party clothes even the most cursory rinse? There are lots of ways we neglect our wardrobe when we don’t mean to, or even ourselves as we shuck, wiggle and all but rub ourselves red trying to wiggle into a pair of tight briefs.

For all these instances, let BeGlOSS come to your rescue.

From something as simple yet necessary as a polishing cloth to a hygienically safe easy glide dressing gel Dawnamatrix presents the full range of your latex and skin care needs with BeGLOSS. Imported from Germany, formulated specifically for high-end latex garments, the BeGLOSS line is high-grade professional quality care items, the very best for keeping your outfits in top shape and your skin, supple and ready when you come to wiggle and writhe yourself into something for the night out. And not only does the BeGLOSS line take care of you and your latex, it will also add life and shine to any fetish clothing, from vinyl, faux & real leather.

The picture of model Kristin Vautrin here was from a shoot Dawnamatrix did just recently with photographer Cliff Lenderman. The hood, etc. Kristin is wearing was shined by BeGLOSS Premium Shine Latex Polish. As models and photographers all-too-readily know hot studio lights can have a terrible drying effect on latex shine, especially dark colored latex. Add in a little sweat, too soon you have a dull powdery effect no designer, photographer, model, really anbody wants. If under these studio conditions BeGLOSS can make the latex here look this smashing just think how it will keep your outfits, and you, infinitely shiny, happy and slippery cool.

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