WOW Wow’s Us Again

And our latex outfits win at the World Of Wearable Art competition just keeps on giving.

A few blogs ago, we told you that WOW was featuring a bunch of 2017’s winners at their National WOW Museum’s exhibition: Six Worlds of WOW. Our winning pieces were among those displayed. Also, ‘along for the ride’ at the museum was that 100 Years of Motoring Nelson car collection we told you about. (Classic cool cars and alt. wardrobe is such a sexy combination!) In their imitable fashion of keeping us up to date on their doings and just basically sharing the wealth of solid world-wide camaraderie WOW promotes, the organization just sent us pictures from the display at the museum (which we have included here.)

As we have said in our past blogs about the event, we have never been involved in an event quite like WOW. Not only the actual event itself-which was a sound and light extravaganza on par with the very best concert or Cirque du Soleil-the other cultural and educational opportunities we enjoyed during our time in New Zealand forms some of the very best memories in Dawnamatrix’s life. But with the WOW Museum showing and the worldwide acclaim and reach our participation is getting, we are consistently blown away.

Presently Ben and I are putting together an outfit for next year’s WOW show (their 30th anniversary show actually). Lana and I are working on one too. Now that we have a taste of WOW, we want to be involved with them as much as we can for the future. You can bet we want to be there, our latest latex concoctions in hand, come September 27th at the TSB Arena in Wellington.

Here you will find all there is to know about WOW and its museum.

Photo credits: World of WearableArt Ltd.