Georgina Chapman and Marchesa Get To Business

Latex couture gets its fair share of controversy. Not so much from us who coddle and keep the stuff as a good portion of our wardrobe, but more from celebs who step into a catsuit or a lacey latex bra every now and again with the press making a point of it. But all the more power to us all who wear alt. couture, no matter who you are, what you wear or why you wear it. Couture controversy of a whole other stripe though has been following Georgina Chapman and her fashion line Marchesa lately, due to nothing that the lady has done herself. To this woman caught in a line-of-fire not of her making, we definitely declare, more power to her, as this week Chapman and Marchesa released photos of their pre-fall 2018 collection.

Being the soon-to-be ex-wife of Harvey Weinstein certainly could invest all manner of bad press on Georgina Chapman and her brand. In fact, in what has been revealed of her husband’s alleged abuses, it seems at times he threatened to black-ball actresses if they failed to wear his wife’s clothes across various red carpets. Still Chapman and her partner Keren Craig soldier on into the New Year with a collection of autumnal greens and dark prints, as well a vibrant purples and red.

According to Matchesa’s press this latest collection is “a nocturnal garden party, boasting dramatic silhouettes and colors.”

Fashion solidarity with the Time’s Up initiative, was recently seen at the 75th Golden Globes. That night female stars wore black to show their support of victims of sexual misconduct and harassment. Georgina Chapman continuing her business, is just another strong lady not letting what has happened (and in Georgina and Marchesa’s case, happening in a very specific personal way) stop her business or bruise her personal integrity.

Sometimes it is simply the work we do that says the most about us.



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