Moschino’s Latex Runway High Fashion

For years we kept looking out, wondering when we’d see latex high fashion on a haute couture runway. Sure, pop divas were hip and with-it before most people in the mainstream world when it came to wearing latex. And we continue to see a good amount of PVC, leather and lace-and-latex in horror movies and science fiction costume design. God knows, Marvel superhero films of late have certainly given us all a thrill, if one indulges in cosplay or not. And while we waited for latex to be considered in the main moda world, just this week we caught sight of this video from a Moschino show. Low and behold, there was our most beloved material on models strutting down the runway.

The main man responsible here, is designer Jeremy Scott. As he quipped about his “tandem tux,” high-shine black surface of the runway, a glove-shaped gown train and surely lots of skin showing: “People are in control of their sexuality and the way they want to look; you’re owning your own power.” He also noted one famous music diva for inspiration on Moschino’s latest collection: “It’s very much in line with what our great forefather Madonna laid out, if I might say so.”

For us particularly it was the mix of latex with other mainstream materials, the textile art of it all, that was really exciting. Surely, there were the requisite skin-tight knee-high latex boots on lots of the models, but lots of them also wore full latex masks with form fitting gowns or with winter overcoats. There’s also a goodly amount of neat garter- like strips trailing down torsos to hold up gloves, with pinstripes suits, a very unique cool look indeed. More than one model sports horns as well, as you will see, another nice touch.


As a side note, although the mainstream fashion world is coming round to latex in their creations, they have yet to catch on to all the glorious colors we all play with in the fantasy clothes we wear. Jeremy Scott didn’t delve too far afield from traditional black for most of the wardrobe here.

Still, we are making headway.

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