Bella Hadid See’s Thru Us All

Be she dressed in a latex shirt, (not that enough of these ladies show themselves in alt. couture really) the latest haute couture or some trending wardrobe, a super model can as much make a splash by what she wears…as what she doesn’t. This week Bella Hadid had another go in gaining attention by showing more of herself, than not, at the Dior Masked Ball.

To be fair, Bella is not alone in trending body parts. Nude dress wardrobe choices seem to be all too common presently. And we see plenty of leg, creamy comely shoulders, and plenty of other skin revealed across the spectrum of fashion and pop culture. (Check in at any popular reality T.V. stars’ Instagram postings for what’s latest in skin). But what got blogs a poppin’ this week was Bella stepping into The Musée Rodin museum in Paris in a see-thru long skirt, revealing black high waisted panties underneath.

In this day and age, if not for Bella’s highly popular presence, would this “showing” had even garnered a passing notice? From a woman known to flash thong down a red carpet (at the 2017 Met Gala Bella stepped out ‘halved’ with her buddy Kendall Jenner doing the same) as well as lots more of herself as she gave Dior last season, wearing a high-waisted panty (and not even a high waisted latex panty!) is not earth-shattering news, really.

What was of notice to some, and certainly to us at Dawnamatrix given our penchant for (and selling of) such accessories, were the masks models were wearing down the runway. Stephen Jones created stunning seeming face extensions for models wearing Maria Grazia Chiuri designs. Certainly the masks were perfect for this type of gathering and in some circles, people were talking about them as much as they were Bella Hadid’s display.

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