Wonderful Pictures & Words From 2018 FashioNXT

We just received a blog link and some wonderful pictures about 2018 FashioNXT, where we showed a bunch of our latex wardrobe down the show’s runway during the Friday night of the event. Fashion blogger, Remanda Xiang, on her STYLE RIGHT blog provides copy of the entire show (with such complimentary comments about us), while the pictures provided by photographer Bassel Hamieh perfectly capture our models.

As Remanda said about us in her blog (see the full piece here): This collection to me was the most memorable one because of how beautifully the latex dresses were designed. Not only do they hug the body to accentuate the beautify of the human form but they also have very modern and matrix like designs which I know would make any woman feel pretty badass. I will definitely be getting an outfit made by Dawnmatrix!

What nice words! We do work very hard to use the textile art of latex for that very accentuation that Remanda mentions, and love the fact that she called what we do ‘badass,’ what a great one-word description (we do indeed think latex can be as sexy, haute couture as it can be, badass!) Remanda’s tagline on her blog is “Fashion fades but style stays!” And what we saw during our time at FashionNXT proves that Portland and the surrounding area has some designers who won’t soon be fading from view.

Remanda Xiang, creator of STYLE RIGHT BLOG and owner of STYLE RIGHT FASHION CONSULTANT LLC, can be reached through the social handles below:

Website:  www.styleright.me
Instagram:  @stylerightblog
Facebook:  @style right fashion blog

Bassel Hamieh of BMH Multimedia can be contacted through these social portals:

Website: https://www.bmhmultimedia.com/

Instagram:  @ theweaverofdreams

We can’t thank Remanda and Bassel enough for their kindness and in using their talents in complimenting us so wonderfully. Look them up and drop them a line….and tell them we sent you.



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