Riding Over Controversy With Jennifer Lawrence and Dior

Well, it’s not latex but it is a cool corset, is what we first thought when seeing Jennifer Lawrence wending her way through the latest video for Dior’s Cruise 2019 collection. According the Dior website for these wardrobe pieces they are Drawing inspiration from the ezcaramuzas of Mexico, Maria Grazia Chiuri has designed a number of feminine outfits for the 2019 Cruise collection. Featuring dresses and skirts adorned with traditional embroidery, this collection evokes the grace and strength of these skilled horsewomen. In addition to that cool leather corset, the Cruise collection includes Tulle skirts and saddle bag accessories. But it has also begun a controversy over cultural appropriation.

People, the known and the unknown, have taken to various social media portals criticizing Dior for as much failing to hire a Mexican model here as shooting the video in California, not Mexico.

The reach and relevancy of our modern technology makes it possible for a deeper scrutiny of all that we do these days. Certainly if you work in the popular haute couture field, or are an Academy Award-winning actress, you are under that scrutiny in a way few others are. We all hope that as we evolve as a species we become ever more aware of the feelings and needs of others, no matter if those others are in the majority or not. In the case of this new Dior campaign though whether this was conscious culture robbing (one tends to doubt) or Lawrence and Dior fall into the category of actual appropriation, it comes as no surprise, at the very least, that the fashion designer would use Jennifer Lawrence. She has been the face of the brand now for six years.

You can view all the horsewomen-inspired clothes and accessories from the Dior Cruse 2019 collection here. And catch the controversial video here.

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