Wonder Woman Gets Even Sweeter

We don’t often, (if we ever do), think of candy when wiggling into our latex couture, do we? If anything, we are probably bemoaning what we should not have eaten when stepping out wearing our favorite wardrobe pieces. But candy company SweeTARTS® has come up with a sweet new connection to a cool fashion, centered around one of our most powerful ladies. 

Partnering with Wonder Woman 1984‘s costume designer Lindy Hemming, lucky W.W. fans and candy eaters will be able to dispense SweeTARTS® Golden Ropes from the newly created, detachable vegan leather “Golden Ropes Holder.” As Wonder Woman carries her golden Lasso of Truth, kids of all ages can hold and dispense the SweeTARTS® limited-edition Golden Ropes candy from this clutch with a signature ‘W’ pattern. 

The candy company’s tag line for the new Golden Ropes encourages SweeTARTS® lovers to be “Be Both.” sweet and tart. Just like Wonder Woman, who can be both strong and sweet, in her dual identity of “Diana Prince,” and “Princess Diana of Themyscira”: Wonder Woman.

Starting Monday, July 13th, fans have the chance to win the special collector’s item purse (yes, you know where I will be this Monday). All one has to do is go to the @SweeTARTSCandy Instagram page and tag a friend with a circle star emoji. Waiting for Wonder Woman 1984 as we all have been, from its supposed opening in June to now when it will open (post COVID-19 quarantine) on 10/2, this contest just gives us all another way of anticipating Gal Gadot’s perfect portrayal of the empowered sensitive lady.

Candy and food tie-ins are as ubiquitous to our fantasy movies as are cosplayer’s convention dress-up. But this SweeTARTS® Golden Ropes marries as much childlike candy adoration with a little fashion. What could be better to satiate one’s sweet tooth than this cool vegan leather candy holder?

images credit: Ferrara


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