Latex, leather and just about everything else you can think of has been seen, in some form, as part of the costumes worn during the full run of the Star Wars franchise. As fans await the last in the nine-movie arc, STAR WARS EPISODE IX, merchandise, poster art and character break-downs were leaked this week.

A heated back-and-forth blog/twittering/overall debate ensues over the question of whether the poster is ‘official’ or promotional, and what it is we exactly see with these recent images. For instance, while plenty of main characters are revealed here, the net world indicates that characters like Rey, Kylo Ren, and the lovable C-3PO and Chewbacca might not finally appear in the film as they do in these leaked imagines; more than one observer has pointed out that in the poster C-3PO is wearing Chewbacca’s bandolier and wielding his bowcaster.

Prominently displayed in the poster though are the Knights Of Ren in their black and grey, while another mysterious group, the Red Stormtroopers fill up the bottom of the poster. Again caution is given as Intel hints at the fact that the exact costuming and overall look of both the Knights and Stormtroopers do not match up with early reports of their wardrobe.

In the possible new action figure character images Keri Russell’s “Zorii” is seen. She wears her full skin tight full body seemingly Lycra, sporting a gun belt and huge gold helmet. A crossbow wielding “Zannah,” who might just be the daughter of Lando Calrissian is among the newer characters revealed in the action figure mock-up. Good old Lando is among them too his cape and cool yellow shirt. The character sheets show a whole bunch of new characters with concept art or reference shot of their costumes.

As we have come to expect there is lots of color, texture and overall uniqueness to this leaked reveal of textile art from the Star Wars universe. And from what we see here, concept, official or anything in between, nobody will come away on December 20th disappointed.

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