When The Rubber Cult Hits The Road

As we all are, we are infinitely interested in latex wardrobe, PVC, rubber clothing, all kinds of alternate couture. So with much sadness we learned that Club Subversion‘s Rubber Cult threw its last party November 23rd, 2018.

As you well know, across the globe, events like Rubber Cult happen year round. Many times these get-togethers are offshoots of bigger community gatherings. Sometimes they are pure fashion events, although many, often much more. And plenty start as small meet-ups of folks who share a particular penchant for wardrobe that’s left of the mainstream and the community just grows (or is revealed over time). We have attended or have seen reports on the many parties, gatherings, ‘hangs’ in almost every major city and plenty in places beyond and it’s been our experience to have found some of the nicest people on the planet out and about in their finest fetish frockery come a long weekend.

The halting of Rubber Cult’s six-year run doesn’t necessarily speak to a trend, or rubber clothing losing its popularity. But surely economic concerns can play into whether smaller events are happening over larger ones and the frequency of happenings. Luckily, we see new fetish parties, alt. couture shows, and meet-ups of the like-minded happening all the time.

Fashion shows, exhibitions, art and photography displays in make-shift galleries; classes, lectures and workshops from experts in various fields; music, as well as all kinds of other performances featured across weekends and of course fashion competitions as well as just dance parties are some of what any of us can find at any given time at an event like Rubber Cult.

Rest assured we’ll keep you as up to date as we can with what’s happening. For now, say goodbye to Rubber Cult but hello infinite possibilities.

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