“What Dawnamatrix Did On Our Summer Vacation: Montreal Fetish Weekend 2014: Presenting Our new Space & Time Collection

10615426_763116060416314_2695891056434486916_nOnto part two of our “What Dawnamatrix Did On Our Summer Vacation: Montreal Fetish Weekend 2014 ” concentrating here on the launch of our new Space and Time Collection.

We created a story with the runway presentation of Space & Time, where fashion became a seductive dark fantasy but all was made ‘right’ when spirits in butterfly latex came to the rescue, leaving us in a magical world full of color and light. The hair and makeup here was by the super talented Eva Guida and our stunning models were.: Veronique Marcoux, Nea Dune, Holy Scar, Lalka Dollar Doll, July August and Crimson Heavens.cbOHKQpGKgSM2aPktzUQ08rZP0R8_2R6y4TndiC9QwM

Of course each time you release a new piece, even an accessory, you hold your breath, even slightly, in a “will it be accepted or won’t it” (and don’t kid yourself, even the most experienced designers suffer this anxiety). But when you launch a whole new line, something that takes quite some time to consider, plan and create, unleashing it to people who know the couture world you are working in very well indeed, lots of good and bad scenarios can swim through your head. Time and again though we have been as much thrilled by the overall feeling of community at Montreal Fetish Weekend as we have been by how well our designs have been accepted. The runway show this year was fantastic, crowd response even more then we had hoped for and a sense of real accomplishment and pride flowed through us all in all the positive feedback. As mentioned in part one of out MFW report, we even got to encore the pieces at the “God and Goddesses” part, again receiving such wonderful response.

The specific art of designing clothing, and what the mainstream considers niche wardrobe at that, is something we take pride in. To have our peers acknowledge what we do and to now be able to sit back, look at the pieces on models in person and in full color glory across our site really makes all the hard work worth it.




You can find the full new Space and Time line here: https://dawnamatrix.com/product-category/collections/space-and-time/


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