What Dawnamatrix Did On Our Summer Vacation: Montreal Fetish Weekend 2014, Part 1




As we have been hinting for a few months now, Dawnamatrix not only attended the Montreal Fetish Weekend 8-27th to 9/1, but we premiered our new “Space and Time” line there. It was a glorious fun-filled fantasy fetish runway outing Saturday night, with the crowd in attendance truly grooving on our new wares. As has happened for us now five years in a row up in the super laid back Canadian city, we were pleased as punch to premier our latest collection at MFW and thrilled with the response we got.

Working as hard as we have the past few months-getting the new line ready, fulfilling that quick Beyoncé order for the VMA’s, handling our usual round of custom orders-we were as much ready to reveal the new line as enjoy some fun over the weekend, and enjoy we did.

We had a limousine arrival and red carpet entry to the” God and Goddesses” party at the Apollon club where we all posed with stunning sexy latex model Bianca Beauchamp (see the picture at the top of this article) At that party we were also able to bring some of the pieces from our fashion show out for an encore. Once again the response was electric, especially complimentary in this crowd of latex lifestylers who had come to party.

On Sunday, the 31st , hundreds of partiers piled into six school buses and were driven to Mont Royal overlooking the beautiful city of Montreal for a photo shoot/visit. At this truly amazing gathering of our latex-clad tribe even the thunderstorm that broke over us couldn’t stop the fun (yes, waterproof latex does come in handy, doesn’t it?) The views of the city were breathtaking and once again we were all thrilled (and amazed, truth be told, though I have seen this happen again and again in Montreal) when everyday park-goers, families in tow, clamored for photos with our colorful group (see the 2nd picture below).


Group pic from Montreal Fetish Weekend 2014

Of course I have more to report, about the fashion show specifically, and to unveil of our new collection, but I’ll save that for our “What Dawnamatrix Did On Our Summer Vacation: Montreal Fetish Weekend 2014, Part 2.”

Both pictures, credit Martin Perreault

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