Vicky Devika’s ‘Elusive Rubber Creature’ Goes shopping

Alternate fashionistas/rubber lovers/latex wearers often bring their creativity to unusual heights. We have been part of, as well as have seen, many instances when a fetish wardrobe creator even takes to the public to reveal their latest. The Maxi grocery store in LaSalle, Quebec, was visited this week by one such creative fashionista.

Artist, model, and DJ, Vicky Devika, went shopping for staples wearing head-to-toe black latex. As her “Elusive Rubber Creature” character, Devika searched through shelves (some empty, as plenty of us have found during this time of COVID-9) and posed for pictures. On the Instagram video the lady managed of her shopping outing, she said: 

“These are trying times that your society is going through. It is time to come together and start looking for the things that truly matter: family, friends, connection, social responsibility, and accountability.

“Also, keep in mind toilet paper is NOT one of these things. Please stop hoarding stuff.”

Devika began what she calls her ‘latex in public’ videos just about a year ago, as an art project for a friend’s photo class; she posed as a latex model in a restaurant for the shoot. From there she claims to have trekked through public spaces as her Elusive Rubber Creature creation, from a Jazz Festival to down in the metro, (to name a few of the places she has been dressed and seen). She reveals something we too have found when we have taken to the public with our fellow fetish event revelers, all of us dressed in full fetish frockery…the public is by and large receptive.

(The above picture is a whole bunch of Montreal Fetish Weekend friends, dressed and reveling in the great outdoors.)

Devika claims that what she is trying to accomplish with her dressing-up, public walk-throughs is “break the stigma around latex and fetishism.” But she also adds that it’s also “fun.” We’d have to agree. You can find Vicky Devika here.

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