Norman Reedus Follows Dawnamatrix To Japan

As much as we expound about latex couture, alternate fashions, superhero wardrobe creations, for yet another blog, we are going to stick to Japan (this will be the last one for a while, I promise). The reason we are presenting three blogs in a row about that fabulous country is in catching-up on some T.V. watching during the COVID-19 self-quarantine, I came across the Season 4, Episode 2 of Ride with Norman Reedus. And on this particular outing, the The Walking Dead star was riding his motorcycle through Japan.

Ryan starts this episode by meeting actor Ryan Hurst at a Tokyo market. Hurst, who played “Beta” on The Walking Dead, as well as starring on Anarchy, is a big dude. Surely, when he and Reedus walked among the Japanese in the market that day, they made quite the pair. But if one thing has come across often about Reedus, he is one amiable guy. He takes selfies with anybody who asks and seems generally happy to be recognized.

The pair ate something quickly in a downtown spot (yes, there is that culinary connection to this country again) and then got on their bikes. Passing one of the countries infamous ‘gomi piles’ a big trash heap in the street (in this case littered with electronic items), they visited an old friend of Reedus’ who restores old American cars and stopped by to visit famous video game creator Hideo Kojima, who has been working on a game featuring Reedus.

Later, both men take in the Mari-Car Go-Karts experience in Shibuya (what we mentioned in this blog). As they speed down the crowded streets, dressed in animal onesies, Reedus lets loose a cry of “I don’t want to die dressed as a zebra!”

The men were off then out of the city, driving to their ultimate destination, Mt. Fuji. Along the way, they ate what is the considered the best tofu in the world (made with water trickling down from an extinct volcano area) and purifying themselves and their bikes, at a temple at the base of that incredible mountain. 

Hurst claims he did not ride motorcycles before signing up for his friend’s show (but he does so now). This eld for him to auction off his Harley Road King at this charity for the animal rescue that he’s involved with: The Giving Project.

Check out Ride with Norman Reedus if you get a chance.

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