Valentine’s Day 2020

Here we go ‘round once more with roses, candy, and red latex lingerie. Valentine’s Day 2020 is upon us, and once again, we want to send out all the very best (and some naughty) wishes that everyone gets to enjoy the holiday the way they most wish to. And with the person, they most wish to celebrate.

Begun in 500 A.D. by Pope Saint Gelasius I (the 3rd Pope actually), the day was named in celebration of Saint Valentine. Some confusion though, comes from the fact that the Catholic Church recognizes three different martyred saints named Valentine or Valentinus. The date of February 14th as much may have been picked to celebrate one of these saint’s death or might have been placed in the middle of the second month of the new year to ‘Christianize’ the celebration of pagan fertility, Lupercalia, which many historians say are the real origins of the holiday.

It was not until the Middle Ages that the 14th was connected with celebrating love and romance. Geoffery Chaucer was the first to indicate this connection in his 1375 poem “Parliament of Foules.” The first written Valentine did not appear until another twenty-five years later.

Florists, Hallmark, candy companies, and yes, even latex couture designers relish the day. In our history, we have seen plenty of bespoke orders come across our desk for a full red wardrobe to folks ordering a classic corset or the simplest of sexy accessories, like textured pasties. From what we have seen, so many people get in on showing their love and desire on the 14th (although it probably wouldn’t hurt anyone of us to show even a smidgen of Valentine’s Day passion for our significant other the rest of the days of the year!)

Be you handing out chocolate, a rose, or snapping on something that hugs your curves ever so perfectly, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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