Supatex Site Relaunch

4d-and-supatex-logosOur latex clothing is as much created from what we imagine or our customers ask for, as it is from the possibilities of the sheeting we can acquire. With the colors and textures certain manufacturers can now provide, we are ever inspired to do the very best rendering of our fantasy costumes and new collections. Here are Dawnamatrix we truly can only do what we do if we work in a synergistic relationship with the modern modes of textile art.

And to be sure, a latex supplier like Supatex creates very artful latex sheeting indeed.

We are big fans of this UK- based company’s superior quality and brilliant color range. And just this week Supatex announced an update to their website and we are thrilled to be able to pass along the news (go here to go to it.) With their ‘new identity’ customers will also find new discounts and new colors, and as always the high quality of the raw materials the brand uses and its adherence to stringent quality control.

Supatex is the fashion division of 4D Rubber. Based in Derbyshire England, 4D has been a leader in rubber sheeting and rubber clothing for over half a century. Their unique manufacturing processes have created for both companies the consistent possibility of a wide color range, more secure bonding and the very best in shine, tear strength and stretch. And as we all well know, these are particular factors those of us who wear/make/enjoy latex and rubber find very important indeed.

As we have often written about, exclaim at fetish events and truly believe, it is the work of latex creators, as well as models and photographers, stylists, so many people really, working in the latex design field-indirectly or directly-who make what we do possible. Supatex is just one of those companies we are very happy are out there and we celebrate the launch of their site’s new design.

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