Objects of Desire

OOD_COVER_STACKWe told you to look out for the book Objects Of Desire, with our latex clothing appearing across a few of its pages (see here): the book has just been published, and we are here to report it is wonderful. Writer Rita Catinella Orrell and visual artist Jason Scuderi, created the over 200-page hard cover showcasing the modern design of adult products, jewelry and clothing (this is where Dawnamatrix haute couture fits in) as well as interviewing notables in the field of sex. Their book is a stunning achievement, as every bit a feast for eye as it is intellect.

As Rita says about these delightfully naughty products; wooden paddles, vibrators, jewelry, furniture and our clothes (to name just some of the stuff featured): “I started to share news about these products with friends on social media, and I could see there was a strong interest.”

And indeed there seems to be.

If the litany of manufactures Rita and Jason list are any indication, designing adult products is a healthy industry that sees talented artisans creating unique wares from studios around the globe. In the mix here are companies like Lelo, Jimmy Jane, Crave and Tenga (to name but a few) using materials as beautiful as they are safe for our bodies. To be sure, in many cases the actual aesthetic of a sex toy or piece of jewelry makes it as much a piece of art as a functional pleasure product, and Scuderi does his very best to showcase the look of over one hundred pieces (he does a scrumptious job of our wardrobe pieces, showcasing our Spiked Bodysuit, Galaxy Mermaid Gown and items for our Space and Time collection) as Orrell writes about them.

As with fantasy costumes, one must pick his or her poison for what works best when it comes to what a man, woman, couple or even a group (you lucky buggers!) want to use in their adult play.

Objects Of Desires showcases plenty of great stuff to choose from.spread_B_white




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