If One’s Wedding Gown Costs A Million Dollars, It Should Shine!

If One’s Wedding Gown Costs A Million Dollars, It Should Shine!

When we make them, we only hope that the bride is happy with a latex wedding gown for her most special day. But when you shell out a million dollars for your wedding gown, you best be expecting something extra special in a way nobody could ever expect. And if you are also the heiress of the Swarovski dynasty, you also are probably hoping this one-of-a-kind super expensive gown sparkles.

Victoria Swarovski married Werner Muerz in a wedding celebration in Portopiccolo, Italy, that took a full weekend just passed. Victoria’s wedding dress was fitted with a half million of her family’s famous crystals. The bespoke garment was created by designer Michael Cinco and cost over one million dollars. The lady also rocked Jimmy Choo heels.

(She also sported two other outfits over the weekend: another Cinco creation, a dress featuring a red halter for the welcoming dinner with her guests and for her reception, a strapless white gown.)

Creating a wedding gown-at any price-is an exacting process of research, communication, drawing, fitting, rendering, (repeat, all of the above); we have been honored to have been involved in the creation of plenty of custom made dresses. We have also fitted brides to gowns already in our collection, making simple adjustments to fit their specific wardrobe needs for their day. Either approach works for us.

But a gown like Victoria Swarovski’s is in the stratosphere of custom made considerations. And considering who she is and what is expected of the shine of her family’s signature product, Cinco’s dress had to glimmer like no dress before it. And with the whole world able to look on these days, you can bet plenty of people would be weighing in with whether they thought this Swarovski creation truly was “all that glitters.”

By all accounts, it glittered wonderfully.

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