Naughty Writing And Fetish Latex Cartoons From Roxy Katt

cartoonsubmitted(1)Don’t think for a second there isn’t a cartoon out there for your latex outfit loving lusts.

Born in Western Canada in the early 1960s (and still living there) writer/cartoonist Roxy Katt first published erotica in 1997 in Heavy Rubber Magazine’s first edition. She jumped a few years until the mid-2000’s publishing again in earnest in anthologies by Cleis Press, Constable & Robinson, and Logical-Lust, and the many books she produces to this day. Presently she’s got a kinky story coming out in December in the print/ebook anthology: Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, is working on a novella set in the 1960s-a BDSM romance between a woman and a phallogyne (a leather-suited chauffeuse)-and promoting her Naughty Tales of Leather and Latex, published by the new and rising publisher Wordwooze.

Roxy is also in a small minority or writer/artists who draw cartoons of an adult nature quite often featuring erotic latex and alternate wardrobes.

“For me, fetish clothing is all about power and vulnerability,” she explains. “But it’s not a simple dichotomy such as, for example, latex catsuit equals power, and latex French maid outfit equals vulnerability; the power and vulnerability reside in the same outfit, the same person. With the rubber catsuit for example, yes, it really puts your body on display. That is the power, but also the vulnerability.”

A cartoonist of a certain self-described ‘simple’ style Roxy admits that she feels she does not have the skills to make her cartoons more complex…though they needn’t be as seeing how effective they are. To make a latex outfit appear shiny she simply draws small shapes on them in thin lines to represent the parts where the skin is particularly reflecting, leaving those bits white when she colors in the rest of the outfit. But she agrees, there is a dearth of latex cartoons out there…and she doesn’t rightly know why.

“There are tons of people drawing variations of Batgirl and Catwoman (two of my great inspirations) but they don’t usually put them in the kinds of scenarios I envision.”

But mostly for this writer/artist of fetish fashion and naughty scenarios, it is all about the people who inhabit her work.

“If leather or latex are a part of the story, I pay attention to this as fetish fiction always does,” Roxy admits. “But I must have not only sexy bodies, but sexy characters in sexy situations. For me, it’s about power and erotic ways of gaining or losing it. And that does not work without paying a lot of attention not just to physical details, but to character and situation.”


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And her Naughty Tales of Leather & Latex here.

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