Manifest Rocks Fashion This September

There used to be a time when we would dress up in our finest latex couture and attend a yearly rundown of alt. dress events across the globe. But over time Dawnamatrix Designs’ business has grown, we are entering contests far and wide (like WOW) and as it is for us all, time gets truncated in the busy flow of life. But we still do attend fetish get-togethers and are interested in pretty much every one of them we happen to read about. And from time to time we like to pass information off even for an affair we might not be attending. As it is with Manifest’s Fetish Fashion Party.

The wonderful people at Manifest are presenting their Fetish Fashion Party in Copenhagen on September 15th, 10pm ‘til 4am. Featuring a playroom as well as darkroom, outdoor garden, lake view balcony, cocktails and performances, fashion exhibitions and music, this could prove one of the events worth most attending at the end of summer 2018.

The Fetish Fashion Party takes places at SØPAVILLONEN, Gyldenløvesgade 24, 1369 København. This lake pavilion (this is why one can indeed a lake view balcony at this particular party) is a huge space for dancing and all manner of carrying on. Unlike other Manifest events (and they have two happening soon, “Manifest” on 11/3 and “Manifest-Maskbal” 2018, on 1/5/19) the annual Fetish Fashion Party is not a membership-only event. Of course, as is true with most events of this kind, attendees still must adhere to an alt. dress code; rubber clothing, PVC, latex  uniform, etc. But anyone can attend the Fetish Fashion Party.

A good number of performers have yet to be announced for the night, but they are sure soon to be. Tickets can be gobbled up here and we suggest you do so, as Manifest usually pulls in an over 700-strong globally mixed crowd.

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