Leading with the words “Never Boring” were sure you’re going to find latex clothing and a bunch of other interesting couture and accessories at the next LondonEdge show. Their February gathering, just passed, was a rousing success and their new one, to be held on Sept 3rd thru the 5th is something fans, fashionistas and designers are already looking forward to.

London is certainly one of the cities we all look to for fashion trends, be they mainstream or alternative. In fact, we all know that Berlin, Amsterdam, San Francisco, and London do indeed have some of the very best fetish clothing/party meet-ups in the world and some of the very coolest designers of everything from lace to rubber clothing.

LondonEdge Magazine, the publication behind these shows showcases styles and trends as their ethos because they: “think change is good.” Going on to declare: “Supporting the alternative fashion industries as we do, we know that trends and styles change all the time. We also know that counter culture is constantly moving and evolving. We embrace this and continue to represent a diverse variety of exhibitors.”

The show that just passed boasted that wide variety of alternate fashion exhibitors, under one roof (the September show will take place at Islington’s Business Design Centre). Names like Adaptor Clothing, Lindy Bop and Fauxfursake! made it out this time.

LondonEdge has also developed their LondonEdge Awards initiative for the show. This is a fledgling awards program featuring a panel of “industry insiders” that seeks voting from the public on the winners.

Will you be in London town come September sporting a latex hood? Might you want to route round the LondonEdge site now if you have yet to see it (go here). Whichever (or both) you choose we know the edge of fashion exists well in the U.K. capital.

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