SPeaking To Latex Designer, Model, Creator LatexNeko

Born December 26th, 1995, in Oslo, Norway, latex designer, creator, and model LatexNeko stepped onto the scene in 2013, evolving ever since. Working as a tower crane operator by day and a latex designer, model, and content creator in her own business by night, LatexNeko’s life is “hectic, fun, and creative,” as she described and as you will read below.

We love championing other workers of latex and learning their story.

You list the designer, creator, and model on your website. Are you, indeed, all three equally, or does one of these take precedence over the other?

I do feel that all three “roles” are an equal part of my life. I manage pretty much everything in my business by myself, and it’s a 24/7 job. Everything from sketching and creating new outfits, arranging photoshoots for both my products and, in general, creating sexy & shiny content, and of course, keeping my audience and customers interested by posting new content for them. 

Can you remember the first time you experienced latex in a way that made a lasting impression on you?

I absolutely do! After my very first relationship had ended, I went back to a local fetish shop that my first partner had taken me to. The shop is called “Duo Shop” and has all kinds of kinky gear, both for beginners and experienced people. 

At that time, they had a basement area with latex, which I hadn’t been in yet. 

I had never seen or heard of latex clothes before, but it was love at first sight and an immediate need. The smell, the feeling, and the obscurity of the material were just perfect in every way. I went home that same day with my first latex dress, and I will never forget the feeling of trying it on for the first time. 

Why does latex speak to you?

For the most obvious reason, I absolutely love how it looks and feels. Both tight and loose-fitting latex has their own charm, and I love how they can be combined. When I’m all covered up from head to toe, it really does something to me. I feel so much more confident and sexy. The smell and sound adds to the playfulness of the material, and I enjoy that a lot as well. 

From a designer’s point of view, latex as a material can be quite challenging to work with. I think of it as the brat of all materials. But the possibilities are endless once you harness the art of latex crafting, and it is so much fun to explore the different techniques and see garments being made! 

What percentage of your selling latex business is bespoke designs and just off the rack for customers?

Seventy percent of all my latex sales are made after the customer has contacted me and asked what I can do based on their ideas. I have made only a tiny selection of outfits that I bring to events to show examples of what I can do and for people to buy off the rack for a cheaper price. I always try to encourage my customers to go outside the comfort of basic black pieces and get something more creative and colorful.


What’s coming for the immediate future for you and your business?

I will get new products available for my customers and expand my network so I can meet other designers, photographers, and models for collaborations and also travel to explore the fetish scene in other countries.

My partner, who has been giving me amazing advice, pushing me in the right direction, and has become my main photographer, Hyalmari Kansikas Basualto, My latex teacher and occasional photographer, who taught me how to start gluing latex. He offers courses on how to make your own catsuits in Norway! LatexSkredder of www.latexskredder.no

And then we have my second photographer, who has a unique sense of photography and skills, Kristian Jøraandstad. His work can be seen on Instagram at @naughty_by_k

And last but not least, my amazing fans and customers. They keep me going and inspire me to continue challenging and improving myself. 

Find out more about Latex Neko @ linktr.ee/Latex_Neko  

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