Latex In The Time Of A Lifting Quarantine

Having you been chomping at the bit to wear your latex dress, a Dawnmatrix kimono, or even spice up your mask in an alternative way? Yes, we are all probably coming to the frayed end of our respective tethers, where COVID-19 self-quarantining is concerned. But what change might we see wearing latex couture in our new reality, if there will be changes at all?

Surely the usual round of fetish events and latex fashion shows are bound not to happen, at least for the foreseeable future. The CDC is still posting cautions for big gatherings of people, as they should. And although you can model your latest fetish attire chatting with folks across Zoom, it’s not the same as enjoying a runway display or sneaking off into a corner showing your latest bespoke wardrobe piece to someone you might soon be canoodling with.

Surely, if you were one who often shared your outfits with a friend, someone matching your size, style, and sensibility, you’ll probably be keeping those wardrobe pieces to yourself these days and the many that follow. 

Fans of various Comic-Con’s and their copious collection of cosplayers are seeing significant changes, at least for now. The grand-daddy of them all, “San Diego Comic-Con International,” reports that the gathering of the comic/anime/fantasy faithful will still happen, but this year it will be digital. Called Comic-Con@Home, it will take place on the originally scheduled dates of July 22-26. In related news, the Oscar’s are to be delayed by two months (taking place on 4/25/2021 next year, with film nomination eligibility extended to 2/28/2021). This news and waiting on movies like Wonder Woman 1984, it seems movies and the fandom from it are as much in a state of flux as anything else.

But don’t worry about ordering out of our catalog, we are still here, making and imaging our usual textile art. Things will change, as they always do across society, pandemic or not, and all of us, alternative fashion lovers and everybody else, will surely muster through together as we always do.

No matter the changes.

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