Latex and Punk Lead “How To Talk To Girls At Parties”

When we catch even a glimpse of some latex couture in a major motion picture, you can bet our eyes are opened wide. In the trailer for the upcoming How To Talk To Girls At Parties, we see a bunch of amazing wardrobe pieces sure to please even a part-time fan of lifestyle dress up, all wrapped up in a wildly unique story.

The film is set in the UK of 1977, deep in the throes of punk. Three teens are crashing parties, riding the wave of their libidos, listening to the ‘new wave’ of hard music and enjoying fashion when they come across extraterrestrials. Elle Fanning plays the alien “Zan” who meets “Enn,” a human, played by Alex Sharp. Love ensues as Zan’s leader-played by Nicole Kidman sporting her own cool couture, wild haircut and goggles-tries to determine if indeed Zan is going to return home while sympathizing with her young countrywoman.

Let’s face it, the England of 1977 is a happening place to be for anybody, human and alien both.

Based on a short story by top fantasist Neil Gaiman, directed by John Cameron Mitchell, the man behind the iconic “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” How To Talk To Girls At Parties premiered at Cannes this year. Its release date has yet to be determined, but you can watch the trailer above and get as excited about the movie as we are. You will see latex dresses (the clip of Fanning cutting the hem of her dress, and the dialogue between her and Sharp that follows is especially priceless) British flag tops, full multi-colored bodysuits, leather and latex and ripped shirts; this is an alt. fashionista’s dream.

We all know punk was a cultural movement that influenced music, fashion and mostly attitude, so it is no surprise a film set in this time period might just have a little something for everybody. But given the mix of all this talent: Elle Fanning, Alex Sharp, Nicole Kidman, Neil Gaiman, and John Cameron…how could a movie like this not be great?

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