Dawnamatrix In The MAC Nicopanda Launch in NYC

In video, movies and on T.V., across fashion magazines around the globe, on concert stages, runways and at scene events; you can find Dawnamatrix Designs’ latex wardrobe popping up across lots of the cultural landscape. You can also have found us just recently at a Nicopanda product release event down at New York City’s famous Macy’s department store.

Nicopanda was created by Nicola Formichetti in 2015; for folks following the pop world, you will know Nicola Formicetti as Lady Gaga’s designer. Formichetti’s New York ‘street-brand’ is known for its creativity as well as edge and constant innovation. The recent event for the lady’s line was for the launch of the company’s brand new cosmetics, MAC Nicopanda. As you can see from the pictures here, we provided the latex leggings model Jazzelle Zanaughtti was wearing for her appearance. Matching one of our best selling latex accessories with her silver skirt, big sweatshirt and heavy heeled shoes, makes for a modern street fashion look we could never have imagined, but were certainly blown away by when we first saw it.

The MAC Nicopanda launch was one of those super cool moments that make NYC the city it is. Bloggers, hip fashionistas, the mildly curious tourist and just about anybody else were among the bright young faces standing behind the velvet ropes on each side of the makeshift runway Macy’s Herald Square provided. A bevy of models strutted and showed down the shiny Macy’s floor, amazing the crowd with the wild styles Nicola Formicetti is known for, as well as their enthusiasm and cool. With their faces expertly displaying the band’s new cosmetic line, Formichetti kicked off her new collection in high style.

Lip gloss, lipstick, full face kits, powder and ‘adornments’ (stickers encrusted with Swarovski crystals) are all available in the MAC Nicopanda line. Dawnamatrix Designs is thrilled to have been invited to add the latex to such a very New York City fashion outing. See the full array of the collection here.

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