Changes Come To The Fetishistas

As you well know, latex fashion is featured across video, on stage, in magazines and quite often, on websites. Beyond just designers sites like ours showing our wares though (as you see in the pictures here from our Dawnamatrix catalogue and home page) there are sites that keep up on scene news, interview models and makers and champion the alternate fashion and lifestyle scene in ways that keep us all as up-to-date as engender a one-for-all-all-for-one sensibility.

The Fetishistas is one such online portal, a magazine delivered via email, a site that changes monthly, full-to-bursting with the latest we all are so interested in but don’t all have the time to try and find piecemeal. The wonderful Tony Mitchell brings everything together with his specific panache and just this month he has announced a redesign of his site’s home page and cover, plus the addition of an “Editor’s View” and “Editor’s Pick” section.

Moving the first ad banner to further down the page, we get a text intro up top of the page now and ever-clearer thumbnails to the side linking to the many other articles Mitchell features monthly. The new look is a ‘de-cluttering’ as site calls it, an overall attempt to make things clearer for visitors. Also, at the bottom of the home page now are banner links to those aforementioned new sections.

“Editor’ View” will be Mitchell’s place to expound on whatever he likes. The “Editor’s Pick” will be an article picked for readers’ specific attention.

Some changes to the add slots on the home page are also planned.

As The Fetishistas claims about its new look:

“With so many elements competing for attention, giant banner ads breaking up the different sections, and a long scroll to the bottom of the page, we felt it lacked the clean, tight layout and strong editorial focus that a good home page really ought to have.”

Have a look for yourself, here.

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