Lady Gaga Says “VOTE”…In the most fashionable way

There is a long tradition of celebrities stumping for political candidates, but getting out in latex, leather, or alternative couture to do so? It seems non-other than Lady Gaga has been showing off some grand wardrobe expressions while letting her thoughts be known for who she wants to win the election and her desire for us all to get out to vote in general.

This past Sunday, Lady Gaga was seen in Pittsburgh, out for Joe Biden, wearing a full denim-on-denim ensemble, known in fashion parlance as a “Canadian Tuxedo.” This particular haute couture choice is from Balmain’s spring 2021 collection but the term Canadian Tuxedo comes from a moment way back in 1951. Singer Bing Crosby was denied checking-in to a hotel in Vancouver for wearing an all-denim outfit. Although a popular personality of the time, Crosby wasn’t so well known as to be instantly recognized by all, but a hotel worker knew the American star and put things right with the hotel’s concierge.

As it used to be when flying in a plane or walking into a fancy hotel, men and women needed to be dressed accordingly.

Levis Strauss & Co., Bing’s denim maker, sent the “White Christmas” crooner a bespoke denim tuxedo for his much-publicized trouble. (Go here for more on this interesting fashion piece).

One could argue that Lady Gaga’s accessory for this day was even more startling. Matching her tight all-denim pants and top, she wore Pleaser Xtreme-1020 lace-up boots, sporting an 8-inch heel and 4.25-inch platform lift. Towering over potential voters, Gaga was hard to miss.

Gaga has come out with more pointed VOTE messages across the last few weeks. She wore an “I VOTED” sticker affixed to the front of her shirt when she dropped off her voting ballot. And in another Instagram video, she is seen wearing a wing-sleeved could-be-latex-could-be-vinyl white top with the letters VOTE in black printed across it.

Really, who better than the “A Star Is Born” star to show us how election couture is done?

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