Lady Ethereal @ The National WOW Museum & Nelson Classic Car Collection

Winning for our latex couture two years in a row at WOW was such a thrill for us (as we told you here). But the World of WearableArt Exhibition is like the proverbial gift that keeps on giving. We just received word, that one of our winning outfits (a piece we created with designer Snow Winters) is being exhibited at the National WOW Museum & Nelson Classic Car Collection in Nelson.
Yes, we mentioned the museum last year as well, but once again to hear that more than 40,000 visitors from New Zealand and around the world get to view our work (right alongside the stunning car collection), is just icing on the cake of winning in the competition. In some ways, displaying our wardrobe design at the museum is winning all over again. In WOW’s museum exhibition viewers can get up close up close with our “Lady Ethereal” as they couldn’t at the actual WOW ceremony. We love showing our pieces on stage, across runways but truly right up close and personal for people to experience every seam, stitch and luscious latex curve.
Unprecedented in WOW’s history, 17 counties and regions were represented in this year’s show. , and on September 23rd of this year, the full celebration took place on stage in Wellington. Thirty-nine awards were presented, of which we won two this time. Our The “Lady Ethereal” wardrobe won 3rd place in the WOW’s “Reflective Surfaces” category.
You can see some of the show here.
If you get out to Wellington within the next year, please do stop by the National WOW Museum & Nelson Classic Car Collection, take a few pics and shoot us over an email. We’d love to see our Lady displayed, as well as everything else on offer. It really is a wonderful display all throughout the museum.
The exhibition officially opened on Friday November 30th and will run for a whole year.

WOW – World of WearableArt. Wellington, NZ. 24 September 2018. Photo credit: Stephen A’Court.

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