Happy Christmas From A Blonde Kris Jenner

This time of year, one might be lucky enough to find some extra special displays of latex couture among all the wrapping and tinsel…as much in what your favorite gift giver wears as what you might spy at a party. Beyond these displays, we can all hope that at least the Kardashians/Jenner’s might step-it-up for us all with their holiday wardrobe. And ‘Momager,’ Kris J. did just that, showing up the whole clan wearing the most talked/Instagrammed/blogged about outfit at the family’s annual holiday party.
For the first time in thirty-five years, Kris Jenner did not hold the party at her home, instead hosting at Kim and Kanye West’s place (“We have a little bit more space,” Kim told E! News). Hosting the party her party at her famous daughter and son-in-law’s mansion did not mean though that the 63-year old Kardashian matriarch didn’t make her mark. Beyond the fake snow, mountain and igloo, (the house had snow machines battling the 60 degrees California weather) it’s what Kris Jenner wore that really made a mark. The lady sported a shimmery long-sleeved, form-fitting turtleneck silver dress, topped off with a platinum wig.
Despite the younger Kardashians and Jenner’s looks: Khloé and daughter True in two two-piece snow princess outfit; Kylie and her baby Stormi in head-to-toe sequins matching their grandma’s silver; Kendall Jenner and Kourtney in different shades of green and a guest list including Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, Sia and many more, (with a private concert from John Legend) the big news was really what Kris Kardashian wore and how good she looked in it.
We do get the occasional Kim or Kendall wearing some wild leather or wiggling around in a latex catsuit from time to time. But their mom Kris is certainly still managing to wear the sexiest outfits and consistently keeping the fashion bar raised for the whole clan.

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